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Simple Ways to Relieve Cough Colds in Children

Cold cough is a complaint that often affects children. So that coughs and colds do not interfere with your Little One's activities and reduce his joy, there are simple steps you can take to alleviate this condition, without using drugs. Cough colds are generally caused by viruses or bacteria that infect the nose and throat. Cough colds due to viral infections can heal itself within a few days, so it does not need to be treated with antibiotics. What needs to be treated with antibiotics is a cold cough due to a bacterial infection. Although generally harmless, a cold cough can disrupt a child's activity and rest. Little who is usually cheerful can also look lethargic and uninspired. If it's like this, you as a parent would feel sad and want your little one to get back to health. Handling Cold Cough at Home If your child has a cold, you are advised to consult a doctor first, especially if your child is not yet 2 years old. Even so, you can still help alleviate his comp
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This is the Danger of Nuclear Radiation for Health

Nuclear radiation is widely used medically to treat and diagnose diseases. But if someone is too often exposed to nuclear radiation, then the impact can be dangerous. Various effects that can be caused from this radiation exposure, ranging from poisoning, growth and development disorders, cancer, to death. Radiation is energy that is emitted in the form of particles or waves. Radiation is divided into two types, namely ionizing radiation (large dose radiation) and non-ionizing radiation (low dose radiation). The type of radiation that is at high risk of causing health problems is ionizing radiation. One can be exposed to this type of nuclear radiation from nuclear energy transmitting machines, such as on CT scans and X-rays, or through nuclear bomb explosions and nuclear reactor leaks. Bad Impact of Nuclear Radiation for Health The human body is exposed to large doses of nuclear radiation will experience acute radiation syndrome (ARS) or radiation poisoning that can lead to death

C'mon, We Discuss Sleeping Positions 9-Month Pregnant Women Here

Sleeping position of 9 months pregnant women should not be careless, and indeed it is not easy to find a comfortable position when sleeping with a large stomach condition. Pay attention to various comfortable and safe sleeping positions for the following 9 months pregnant woman. So that you feel more comfortable and the baby in the womb remains safe, the sleeping position of 9 months pregnant women must be dealt with. Sleeping in the wrong position can increase pressure on certain organs, so the risk of discomfort and various disorders. Avoid supine or face down position Sleeping on your back on the ninth month of pregnancy is not the best position to do. Behind the enlarged uterus, there are the aortic vessels and inferior vein. These two blood vessels are responsible for delivering blood from the heart to the entire body and returning it to the heart. If these blood vessels experience pressure, the results can slow down blood circulation to both pregnant women and the unborn fe